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Campaigns & Consultancy

There are essentially two types of campaign that we offer which are set out below.

Targeted Campaigns
A marketing letter* is sent from your office or if you prefer our office here in Tiverton and then followed up by us here at Accord in order to arrange qualified meetings. In our experience a targeted mail shot is more effective in producing a higher number of appointments (around 10% of meetings from the number of letters sent) than a cold call campaign and consequently a higher percentage of 'sign ups' is achievable when linked to our follow up process. The targeted campaign has proved extremely cost effective in terms of new clients gained leading to an increase in fee generation. (Typically on 5 attended appointments per month a return of 25,000 per annum)

*We can offer guidance when necessary on an appropriate marketing letter.

Cold Call Campaign
We offer a cold call campaign in order to arrange meetings on your behalf in your identified areas and to your targeted companies. The number of meetings achieved traditionally is around 3% of contacts spoken with.

Follow Up Proceedures
Follow up calls post meeting are undertaken in order to illicit feed back from the prospect and appropriate information emailed to you. Second meetings will be arranged when appropriate, in order, for example, to discuss a quotation and thereby maximizing the opportunity of achieving a new signed client.

Sales Consultancy
We offer an afternoon sales consultation where one of our team will travel to your office in order to take you through face to face sales meeting techniques.

The workshop will be approximately 3 hours in length and will cover all aspects of the Direct Marketing campaign

With our collective years of experience we offer ongoing support and guidance throughout the telemarketing process

Please contact us on 01884-250088 to find out more about the Sales Consultancy and costs.

The partnership works predominantly for Chartered and Certified Accountants and has done so for the past 7 years. Existing clients are from one to forty partner practices. The team at Accord consists of four and has in excess of 45 years telemarketing experience.

Progress Reports
Weekly or monthly written progress reports can be provided.

Companies identified are generally SMEs which include sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies. Also within our experience is the targeting of Plcs. Senior decision makers will be identified at all times i.e. CEOs, CFOs, Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Finance Directors, Company Secretaries, Senior Partners and Proprietors. The target prospect is identified by postcode, business type and turnover.

Please contact us for details

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